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What is the Largest State in USA? The Top 10 Largest States in the US by Area

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The United States is made up of 50 states, each of which is of different size and has a different scenery. The largest states in the United States have a great deal of land that covers a lot of square miles. These huge regions have a wide range of landscapes, from stunning mountain ranges and thick forests to wide plains and beautiful coastlines.

Each state has its own unique mix of natural beauty, cultural history, and economic importance. The largest US states are frequently the location of famous landmarks and breathtaking natural wonders. These states are home to breath-taking national parks, magnificent mountain ranges, raging rivers, and enormous expanses of uninhabited wilderness. Whether it’s the majestic mountains, peaceful lakes, or busy towns, these states have a lot to offer.

Just like our recent list of the smallest states in the United States by area, let’s also take you through the top 10 biggest states in USA by area.

What is the largest state in USA by area size?

Alaska, in terms of geographical size is the largest state in the United States.

The land area of Alaska is 665,384.0 square miles, which is much bigger than any other state. It is located in the far northwestern part of the country and has an awe-inspiring environment with towering mountains, vast glaciers, and an abundance of species.

The state of Alaska has a lot of different kinds of land and a unique environment that you can’t find anywhere else in the United States. It also doesn’t share any boundary with any other U.S. state, but with another entire country, Canada.

Alaska has one of the lowest population densities in the country despite being the largest in size. Its large areas of untouched wilderness make it a paradise for outdoor lovers and an adventurer’s dream.

What are the top 10 largest states in the US by area size?

The larger US states have significant roles to play in the sectors of the country, including oil, technology and agriculture. Some believe their sizes can birth easy expansion and newer developments. Here are the largest states in the U.S. by land area size.

Rank U.S. State  Area Size (Square Miles)
1 Alaska 665,384.0
2 Texas 268,596.5
3 California 163,694.7
4 Montana 147,039.7
5 New Mexico 121,590.3
6 Arizona 113,990.3
7 Nevada 110,571.8
8 Colorado 104,093.7
9 Oregon 98,378.5
10 Wyoming 97,813.0

1. Alaska: The Last Frontier (665,384.0 sq. miles)

Alaska is the largest state in the US by area

Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. in terms of land area. According to Nationsonline, Alaska covers a staggering 665,384.0 sq. miles, which is more than twice the size of Texas, the second biggest state. Despite its enormous size, it is the least populous state, with a population proportionally tiny to its vast landmass. It became the 49th state on January 3, 1959, when it was accepted to the Union of the United States.

Juneau is its capital city while Anchorage is rated as the largest city in Alaska in terms of population.  Alaska is not bordered by any U.S state and it is in the far northwest area of North America, across the border from Canada.

It has big forests, many rivers and lakes, beautiful mountains, and arctic tundra in the north. Denali, the tallest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet, is found in this state.

The climate of Alaska varies widely throughout the state, with coastal regions experiencing relatively mild weather, the interior characterized by extreme temperature fluctuations, and the north having an arctic climate. The state’s economy relies significantly on natural resources, including oil, gas, fishing, and tourism.

Alaska’s vast wilderness is also home to many kinds of animals, such as brown bears, moose, bald eagles, wolves, and several types of fish. It’s also one of the best places to see the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, especially during the colder months.

2. Texas: The Lone Star State (268,596.5 sq. miles)

Texas, one of the largest states in the US

Texas is 268,596.5 square miles in size, making it the second largest state in the United States.  It is a state in the southern part of the country and has many different types of land, such as deserts, prairies, grasslands, woods, and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.  On December 29, 1845, it became the 28th state to join the Union. The state’s capital is Austin, and Houston is its biggest city.

The state’s history and cultural heritage are heavily influenced by Native American, Mexican, and Western customs. The economy of the state is strong and is one of the biggest in the world. Multiple industries, including energy (oil and gas), technology, agriculture, and entertainment, are dominated by this state.

3. California: The Golden State (163,694.7 sq. miles)

third largest state in the United States

At 163,700 square miles, California is the third largest state in terms of size. California joined the Union on September 9, 1850, and its capital city is Sacramento is the capital.

It is home to both the highest and lowest points in the contiguous United States, Mount Whitney and Death Valley, respectively.

According to Wikipedia, California has the biggest economy of any state in USA and it is also one of the biggest economies in the world.

California’s biggest city is Los Angeles and it is also notable for having some of the best hotels in the state. Silicon Valley in California is known all over the world as a center for technology and creativity. Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are based there.

4. Montana: The Treasure State (147,039.7 sq. miles)

Montana, one of the biggest states in the US

Montana, located in the northwest region of the United States, is the fourth largest state in terms of land area. It encompasses approximately 147,040 square miles. Montana is commonly known as “Big Sky Country” due to its vast prairies, rugged mountains, and expansive vistas.

The state is home to the beautiful Glacier National Park, which is known for its glaciers, lakes, and wide range of wildlife. Its amazing natural beauty and wide range of wildlife, which includes grizzly bears, wolves, elk, and deer, are other exciting things about Montana.

Montana’s income depends a lot on agriculture, such as cattle ranching and grain farming. Other key industries are healthcare, government services, and tourism.

5. New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment (121,590.3 sq. miles)

One of the largest U.S states

With a land area size of 121,590.3 square miles, New Mexico is also one of the largest states in the US. On January 6, 1912, it joined the Union as the 47th state. Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city, and Santa Fe is its capital.

New Mexico’s terrain is diverse, with the Rocky Mountains in the north, the Great Plains in the east, and the Chihuahua Desert in the south. Native American, Spanish, and Mexican traditions all have a strong influence on the rich cultural legacy of New Mexico. The state’s architecture, food, and art all reflect this.

Sectors like oil and gas, renewable energy, agriculture, and tourism are the power houses of New Mexico’s economy. New Mexico is also home to a number of research centers, such as Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories.

6. Arizona: The Grand Canyon State (113,990.3 sq. miles)

Arizona, the 6th biggest state in the America

The sixth largest state in the USA by area size is Arizona, covering an area of 121,590.3 square miles. It became the 48th U.S. state on February 14, 1912, when it joined the Union.

The Sonoran Desert, the Mojave Desert, and the Painted Desert are some of the deserts that make up Arizona’s scenery. Grand Canyon, which is one of the most famous natural wonders in the world, is also located in Arizona.

Arizona has a varied climate, with hot summers and mild winters in the south and cooler weather in the north, where there are higher mountains.

The mining, agricultural, manufacturing, and tourist sectors all contribute to the state’s economy. Cattle, citrus fruits, and cotton are among Arizona’s top agricultural exports.

7. Nevada: The Silver State (110,571.8 sq. miles)

Nevada, among largest states in the US

Nevada is also among the largest states in USA by area, with a total area of about 110,571 square miles. It became the 36th state to join the Union of the United States on October 31, 1864. The largest city in the state is Las Vegas, while Carson City serves as its capitol.

Nevada is most well-known for Las Vegas, which is famed for its casinos, nightlife, and entertainment shows. However, the state’s vast landscapes go far beyond Las Vegas’ flash and glamor

The state has an arid environment with scorching summers and freezing winters, particularly at higher elevations.  Nevada is also home to expansive deserts, untamed mountains, and the breathtaking Lake Tahoe. The Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire State Park, and Great Basin National Park are among its tourist destinations. Tourism, gaming, gold and silver mining, and renewable energy are major contributors to the state’s economy.

8. Colorado: The Centennial State (104,093.7 sq. miles)

What is the largest state in the us by area

Situated in the Rocky Mountain region of the country, Colorado’s land mass covers up to 104,093.7 square miles. The majestic Rocky Mountains rule the state’s landscape and offer world-class skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Colorado’s economy is diverse, with important sectors like aerospace, technology, tourism, agriculture, and green energy. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking are just some of the outdoor activities that attracts people to the state yearly.

The state is known for its beautiful national parks and sites, like Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Garden of the Gods. Cities in Colorado, such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, are noted for their innovative industry, cultural offerings, and overall vibrancy. Considering its enormous size, Colorado is also rated among the biggest states in the United State of America.

9. Oregon: The Beaver State (98,378.5 sq. miles)

Oregon, one of the biggest states in the USA

Oregon, also known as “The Beaver State,” is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It is the ninth biggest state in the US by size, covering about 98,378.5 square miles. The state’s nickname comes from the history of trapping and selling beavers in the area in the early 1800s.

Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Oregon Coast are some of the state’s most recognizable landmarks. The Pacific Northwest has a climate with frequent rain, which helps make the state green and full of life.

Multiple industries, including technology, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, and tourism, contribute to the state’s economy. In addition to being a significant hydroelectric power producer, Oregon is well-known for its environmentally progressive policies.

10. Wyoming: The Equality State (97,813.0 sq. miles)

Wyoming, the 10th largest US state

With an enormous area size of 97,813.0 square miles, Wyoming also ranks as the tenth largest state in the U.S. Wyoming is found in the Western region of the United States of America.

Yellowstone National Park, the country’s first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in Wyoming.  Apart from Yellowstone, Wyoming is also home some of best national parks in USA, including Grand Teton National Park.

Wyoming’s economy is mostly driven by mining, oil and gas extraction, farming, tourism, and other businesses. Minerals like coal, natural gas, uranium, and trona are found in large amounts in the state. Cattle and sheep graze on the open range, which is also an important part of Wyoming’s agricultural industry.

Despites its large area size, Wyoming has a relatively small population, but it boasts of wide-open spaces and a strong connection to nature.


The largest states in the United States by land area have a wide range of landscapes, cultures, and economic possibilities. These big states also contribute a lot to the country’s income. Alaska and Texas extract oil and gas, while California is a leader in technology and entertainment. In many of these states, agriculture, mining, tourism, and renewable energy are important economic sectors that help them grow and improve as a whole.

Through these states, we can see how big and different the United States is, both in terms of size and natural benefits. They however offer a lot of chances for adventure, economic growth, and cultural discovery.

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