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Valentine’s Day Getaways in the US: 11 Romantic Places to go

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, dearest and love is already in the air! Why not celebrate in style by taking your partner on a USA romantic getaway?

From the desert of Joshua Tree, with its quiet and endless stars, to the bustling, historical streets of New Orleans – a lot of places call to couples, offering shared experiences and romance. Feel a getaway where every minute is a lesson of your love, every venue the background of your adoration.

Valentine’s Day is not a just any day, it rather is a celebration of the connection forged between two people. A chance to fuel the fire of passion and for it to burn brighter than it was before. It’s that moment when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, when the mundane suddenly becomes exciting. The United States with its huge spaces and diversity of cultures, present couples with diverse choices, each with its own touch of charm and romance.

This guide sets out on an expedition to some of the most romantic places to visit in the US on Valentine’s Day. It’s made for those that want to get away from the routine monotony, and to enjoy all of the little celebrations that help bring the joy and deepen the closeness.

Grab your bags, and let me show you the most romantic locations to visit in the US on Valentine’s Day.

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Romantic Places to go in the US on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Getaways in the US

As we indulge in various romantic getaways remember that the soul of Valentine’s Day is not in the magnitude of your plans but the power of your relationship. Every destination has its own unique beauty, providing each couple with the perfect Valentine’s getaway.

  • Joshua Tree, California: A Desert Oasis for Lovebirds

Picture yourself celebrating Valentine’s Day on the starlit sands of the Joshua Tree National Park. This desert oasis is a perfect destination for adventure seeking couples looking to take time out from their busy schedules. Hike the Skull Rock’s trails, be charmed by the Panorama Loop, and be led into the wilderness of the California desert. After a day of adventure, snuggle up in an eclectic glamping site for the night. Such as the Joshua Tree Moon Camp’s off-grid and futuristic cottages, for a night filled with romance and stars.

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  • Sedona, Arizona: Red Rocks and Relaxation

Sedona’s red rock canyons and the healing desert air make a fascinating background for a Valentine’s weekend. Ride a romantic horseback through the Old West trails, feel the spiritual energies on a Sedona Vortex Tour. Or take  a wine tasting tour in Verde Valley. Finish off your day with a couples massage at one of Sedona’s famous spas. And have dinner under the stars for a truly romantic experience.

  • Glenwood Springs, Colorado: Hot Springs and Mountain Adventures

Located in the Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs is yet another ideal romantic destination to enjoy your Valentine’s Day getaway. Experience the comfort of the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world. You can also enjoy the natural scenery of Hanging Lake, or go snowshoeing to Sunlight Mountain. After a stimulating day, rejuvenate your body in the one-of-a-kind cave-saunas at Yampah Caves. What next? Go for a cozy dinner in a local restaurant to make the final moment of your Valentine’s Day special.

  • New York City: Urban Romance

The city that does not sleep provides boundless romantic getaways. Start your day with a walk through Central Park. Go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center and admire the views from Top of the Rock. With the night approaching, visit a candlelight concert in one of the city’s historical churches. After that, have dinner at a restaurant with amazing city views and complete your Valentine’s Day with love and joy.

  • Leavenworth, Washington: Bavarian Charm in the US

Feel the Bavarian vibe in Leavenworth where the town’s festive spirit and snow-peaked mountains were transformed into a magical backdrop for Valentine’s Day. From cross-country skiing to wine tasting in downtown Leavenworth; the village is an enchanting spot that offers couples a winter wonderland experience. Don’t forget to enjoy an evening of vegetable forward tasting menus at romantic restaurants like Mana.

  • Burlington, Vermont: Cozy and Romantic

With its charming scenery, quaint B&Bs and romantic culinary scene, Burlington is a nice place to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover. Check out Church Street’s boutiques, enjoy ice skate on a frozen lake, or have a spa day. Conclude your day with an act at the Flynn Theatre or a wine tasting at a nearby bar.

  • Lake Tahoe, California: A Winter Wonderland

Another place in the US to to go on Valentine’s Day is Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland and it rooms for couples to ski, sled, and snowshoe in a breathtaking landscape. Choose a romantic cruise on the lake, see the views from the Heavenly Gondola and have a special dinner overlooking the lake. The adventure and relaxation at Lake Tahoe are two key features that makes it a perfect Valentine’s Day getaway. Mind you, Lake Tahoe remains one of the most beautiful places in the US.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana: A Fusion of Celebrations

New Orleans, a city known for its vibrant culture and historic charm, offers a unique Valentine’s Day experience. Imagine combining the romance of Valentine’s with the exhilaration of Mardi Gras. Take a romantic riverboat cruise along the Mississippi, dine at exquisite restaurants, and soak in the lively atmosphere of the French Quarter. The blend of celebrations in New Orleans ensures a Valentine’s Day that’s both romantic and full of adventure.

  • Destin, Florida: Beachside Romance

This location is one of the romantic places in the US to go on Valentine’s Day. Known as a gem on the Emerald Coast, Destin, Florida has scenic ocean views and soft sandy beaches. Pass your day basking in warm sunshine. Also take leisurely walks along the beach and get yourself in a romantic dinner cruise. Comprising a laid-back atmosphere and lovely sceneries, Destin turns out to be the superb destination for couples looking for a tranquil yet romantic Valentine’s Day vacation.

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: Tropical Romance

Discover the colorful streets of the Old San Juan as you visit the city’s vibrant bars and restaurants. As you proceed with your day, venture into the beautiful beaches and rainforests of Puerto Rico. San Juan offers history, culture and natural beauty which makes it a perfect escape to spend your Valentine’s Day.

  • Palm Springs, California: Desert Retreat

Palm Springs is also one of the places in the US to go on Valentine’s Day. It is a dream venue for couples who wish to combine luxury with adventure. At this desert oasis, you will find elegant resorts, renowned spas, and breathtaking scenery. You can take a romantic hike in the San Jacinto Mountains, visit a spa with luxury amenities, and dine under the stars. Palm Springs gives a calm yet stylish Valentine’s Day experience that will make day glorious.

What to Know About Planning Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway

I. Book Early: Valentine’s Day is known for its romantic getaways for a lot of couples, so make those accommodation and activity bookings early to get the best spots.

II. Personalize Your Experience: Shape your vacation according to your interest and your partner’s. Whether it is adrenaline-fuelled outdoor activities, tasting the local cuisine or just a retreat to relax, opt for activities that you are sure you and your partner will enjoy.

III. Pack for Romance: Do not forget to bring at least few romantic elements, like candles, your favorite playlist and a hand written letter.

IV. Stay Flexible: Planned activities need to be open to casual adventures as well. Often the most splendid moments are unexpected. So, despite your plans, if you come across any event that will create memories, feel free to go for it.

V, Disconnect to Reconnect: Instead of using your phone or plugging your headset all the time when on a trip; try being offline to truly enjoy each other’s conversation and the lovely setting.

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Are there any unique Valentine’s Day accommodations in the US?

Yes, there are a lot of unique accommodations in the US that can enhance your Valentine’s Day to be special. An example include Joshua Tree Moon Camp which offers off-grid futuristic cottages for beautiful glamping experience under the stars. Other examples include the cozy bed in a romantic setting offered b Vermont and Palm Springs luxury resorts.

What activities are recommended for couples during their Valentine’s getaway?

Activities may include outdoor adventures like skiing at Lake Tahoe, California or horseback riding at Sedona, Arizona. Or more relax experiences like wine tasting in Leavenworth, Washington or a spa day in Palm Springs, California. Urban couples can delight in visiting museums, galleries and up-market restaurants in cities like New York or San Juan.

How can couples make their Valentine’s Day getaway more romantic?

To spice up the romance, couples can organize different activities. This include a private dinner cruise, a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or a couples’ massage session. Adding personal touches such as a favorite playlist, a love letter, or planning a scavenger hunt that brings back significant memories in your relationship will make the day even more special.

Conclusion (Best Valentine’s Day Romantic Getaway)

This concludes the most romantic Valentine’s Day vacations in the US. But Keep in mind that the main aim of that day is to show love in all its dimensions. Whether you are cozied up in the majestic mountains of Colorado, or having fun in the exciting vibes of Palm Springs, the ideal Valentine’s Day is just about being with the one you love and creating lasting memories together.

Are you ready to start your romantic getaway? Don’t forget that the most important element to enjoy your Valentine’s Day is the love you have. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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