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Things You Can Take Home From A Hotel Room

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What are the things you can take home from a hotel room? Have you ever taken a bathrobe from a hotel room thinking it’s yours, but ended up getting an extra charge in your bill? That’s because you are not allowed to do that unless you want to pay for it.

To avoid other mistakes as this and as part of Hotel Etiquettes, we have put up some common materials you would easily find in a hotel room but should not be taken home.

There are some obvious things you shouldn’t take home from a hotel room, for example, a Tv set. Despite this being obvious enough, there are certain cases where guests go that far to put Tv’s in their travel boxes, which usually land them in serious charges or embarrassment.

Don’t be like that; learn some hotel etiquettes and enjoy every moment doing what is right.

Here is a list of some common things you can take home from a hotel room and things shouldn’t take.

Things You Can Take from A Hotel Room

1. Shampoo / Conditioner

Almost every hotel provides their guests with mini-shampoo and conditioner. If you run out of shampoo and conditioner, you could make use of the ones provided and you’re free to take them with you. There isn’t much difference between you finishing it and you taking it away with you for future use anyways.

2. Soap or Shower Gel

Some hotels have their brand name printed on the soap and shower gel provided to you. The hotels won’t frown about you taking their products out to the world to gain other people’s awareness. If the ones you find in your hotel room are not branded by the hotel, you could as well take them with you. You paid for such services anyways.

3. Lotions and creams

It is nice to keep your skin from dryness. Lotions and soaps are also among the things you can take home from a hotel when leaving. They are usually provided in small bottles; and if you ask me, they never fail to fit in my travel bags.

4. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes

You are free to take home the little toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrushes provided by your hotel. They are yours to take if you have room for them in your travel bag or you can just save them in your bag for your next trip.

5. Razors and shaving creams

Most hotels will not provide you with electric razor, but with a disposable one. Being a disposable razor, then it is yours for the taking. Little size shaving creams are also often provided; you can take that too.

6. Pen, pencil, notepad, and envelope

Writings materials including pen, pencil, notepad, and envelope are for your use while at the hotel. If you couldn’t make use of them, you are free to take them with you for a later use.

7. Shower cap

Do you like the shower cap your hotel provided? If yes, take it with you. If you don’t, the hotel would probably dispose it as usual.

8. Sewing kit, Shoeshine kit & Stationery

You are free to take home sewing kit, shoeshine kit and other stationeries you find in your hotel room.

9. Slippers

Now pay attention! In some less expensive hotels, you are mostly provided with disposable sippers, which you are free to take home. But in some expensive hotels, they don’t allow their guests to take home the provided expensive slippers as they always look forward to sanitizing and cleaning them up for their next guests. If you really want the slippers, you could sort the knowledge of the receptionists to know if you can take them for free or for a fee.

10. Combs and hairbrushes

Combs and hairbrushes are some of the things you can take home from a hotel room. This is because they are complimentary items which are disposable. But take caution, in some hotels, they might charge you extra if you take the provided combs and hairbrushes with you.

11. Coffee, tea, and sugar

You need something to take home to remember the good treatment your hotel offered. You can take home the coffee, tea, and sugar to further enjoy them at home or share with your loved ones to help them get a good picture of your hotel services.

12. Bottled water

Bottled water is one of the things you can freely take home from a hotel room so far it is not part of the minibar.  However, ensure it is not, to avoid extra charges.

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These are the common things you cannot take from a hotel room.

  • Cutlery

Little mugs, jugs, kettle, plates, spoons, you find in your hotel room are for general services. No matter how cute and beautiful you find them, you should not take them home with you.

  • Electronic Items

Tv, remote, battery, bulb, torch, DVD player, speaker and so on are majority of the electronic items you would find in your hotel room. They are meant to remain in the hotel room for general services. Another thing you shouldn’t take home with you from your hotel room is the hairdryer. We all know that most hotels provide modern and good-looking hair dryers, however, don’t push them through your bag when leaving your hotel room.

  • Bathrobes and Towels

Most hotels do not allow guests to take home bathrobes and towels. However, some hotels allow it but on the terms for an extra charge.

  • Pillow, bed spread, and comforters

No matter how comfortable your stay at the hotel is, you are not allowed to take home the pillows, bed spread and other comforters. Taking such might get you flagged for theft.

  • Wine Openers

Wine openers are one of the things you shouldn’t take form your hotel room. They are not yours to take but for you to freely use whenever you want to open your wines while in your hotel room.

  • Hangers

This also goes to hangers; you are supposed to make use of them by hanging your clothes only. Don’t even think of pressing some in your travel bags.

  • Alarm Clock

If you like the alarm clock in your hotel room, seek the permission of the receptionist to take it with you, although you will have to agree to pay for an extra charge.

Consequences of Taking Hotel Property

You might find some of the materials you find in a hotel room useful, but there are some things you just can’t take as mentioned above. Many think the accommodation fee paid has covered everything and decide to take anything they want. If you take the wrong things, the hotel might consider it stealing, or request that you pay an extra fee.

In most cases, the consequences for taking things you are not supposed to take from a hotel include extra charges, blacklisting and in worse cases, an arrest.

However, to be completely sure of the things you can take home with you from a hotel room, you can sort the guidance of the reception so as not to be forcibly charged or embarrassed in any manner.

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