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8 Best Websites to Buy Dogs Online 2024

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Like they always say, a dog is a man’s best friend; and its loyalty towards its owner remains unquestioned. If you want to get one and you are in search of websites to buy dogs online, then this is for you.

It is not new that there are many fraudulent websites that claim to sell dogs online and so many people fall victims daily. Therefore we have made our research in order to come up with some of the most reliable and trusted websites to purchase dogs online.

These top websites have different kind of dog breeds which customers can choose from and their prices are not going to completely break your banks. Well, that depends on the kind of dog breed you want and likewise your budget.

There are several trusted sites to buy dogs online but we have chosen our top 5 among these websites based on customer satisfaction and other positive reviews.

If you are set, then take a seat as you scan through these 8 best online websites that you can buy dogs from.

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List of 8 Best Websites To Buy Dogs Online 2024

Puppy Finder

Puppy Finder is an online marketplace dedicated on the buying and selling of dogs. There are several puppy breeds to choose from depending on your taste. On this website, you can locate breeders and also adopt a dog of your choice. As the name suggests, most of the dogs you will find available for sale on the platform are puppies, since majority prefer to buy puppies than adult dogs.

You can navigate through Puppy Finder’s categories to check out some available options. But if you want to get a specific breed without wasting time, make use of the search icon on top of the websites menu. With that, type in your preferred puppy breed, age, gender and some other specific information and get your satisfying result.


This website is a popular online marketplace to buy and sell items, products, properties. On this platform, you can make use of the search bar to find ads on pets, including dogs, cats and few other available ones.

Many reviews posits Gumtree as a satisfying website to buy dogs online due to many positive reports made by its users. To find puppies or dogs on Gumtree, search for dogs or puppies or the specie of the dog you want and add your location. Gumtree is specifically a UK marketplace, but can also be found in some countries, including South Africa and Australia among others.

Get Your Pet

Get Your Pet is another best website to buy puppies online. It is a site to connect with people who needs or wants to sell dogs. Apart from buying and selling, customers can also navigate to adopt dogs available.

Dog Care

This is yet another pet classified online marketplace. Dogs are the exclusive focus of this online marketplace. It’s a website where people promote dogs for sale online. Not just that, buyers can also get their desired breed of dogs or puppies on the website.

Asides buying and selling, there is also a provision for invaluable assistance to abandoned animals. To purchase a dog on the website, you need to get in touch with the owner once you’ve identified the one you’re interested in or want to buy.

The abundance of dog ads on the site attests to its widespread use, making it a prime location to shop for dogs on the web.

Dog Bazar

Another great website to get your dogs and pups is Dog Bazar. It is an online marketplace mainly for the buying and selling of dogs. Although, the website also promote other activities including, spas, boutiques, hotels, pets and its related products.

Dog Bazar has a user-friendly interface and customers or guests can easily navigate through its various services without any serious difficulties.


If you want a pet, you can check out series of pets available on this this this platform. Only4pets is an online website where you can purchase puppies and dogs. Apart from purchasing, you can also sell your dog on the platform.

Pet accessories and products are also some of the things you would find on this website. It could be food, it could be dog toys, dog bowl or bed, or any other equipment necessary to train your dog.

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Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot is also one of the best websites to buy a dog online because the site has a decent interface and is easy to use. You can narrow your search by area. To begin, either type a breed’s name into the search bar or click the Browse All Puppies button to see a complete list of all available puppies. The site’s illuminating essays serve as a helpful manual for doting puppy parents who want to do right by their new little bundles of joy.

It also provides everything you need to register your puppy with the AKC. You can participate in dog shows, trials, and field activities with the American Kennel Club.

Infinity Pups

This website provides a broad variety of puppies, and what’s really appealing is that they back each purchase with a full year of health insurance. The informative and straightforward website is not only dedicated to selling puppies, but also to guiding you through the process of caring for your new four-legged friend.

There is a wide selection of puppy breeds available for purchase, and the flexible shipping choices make it easy to have the puppy of your choice sent to you anywhere you are. It wouldn’t be a bad idea look up this website if you’re looking for a trustworthy and simple way to buy puppies online.

Final Thoughts on the Best Websites to Buy Dogs Online

After examining variety of online dog stores, we determined that the best ones prioritize the animals’ safety, well-being and user-friendly. Numerous websites offer a variety of breeds and prices, but we must ensure that the puppies are cared for properly. They provide comprehensive information about each dog and verify the breeders’ legitimacy. In addition, their website is easy to navigate, and if you ever get stuck, their customer service is ready to assist.

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