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15 Best Breweries in Charleston 2024

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Which of Charleston’s breweries is the best? Discover the best breweries in Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina is a city with a lot of history and southern charm. It’s also becoming a popular place for people who love craft beer.

In the last decade, many new breweries have opened in this city, each with their unique style and community involvement. Everyone has their unique approach to brewing beer, collaborating with the community, and honoring beer culture.

Charleston has a lively and diverse beer scene. There are well-known breweries that have shaped the city’s beer scene, as well as new and creative ones that are pushing the limits of craft brewing.

The city has many breweries that offer different types of beer to suit everyone’s taste buds. They have hoppy IPAs, strong stouts, light lagers, and refreshing sours. These breweries are the best in brewing technique and creativity, and they represent the spirit of Charleston. They blend tradition and innovation, community and individuality, relaxation and excitement.

Are you (over 21 years) old enough to drink ? if yes, here are the top breweries in Charleston SC, according to TripAdvisor.

Top 15 Best Breweries in Charleston, South Carolina

1. Revelry Brewing

Revelry Brewing, situated in the bustling downtown area of Charleston, has solidified its position as one of the top Charleston’s breweries. Since its establishment in 2013, Revelry Brewing has become synonymous with its unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional and inventive brews.

Their range of styles is impressive, covering classic and approachable brews to bold and experimental creations.

Hop-forward beers are a specialty of Revelry Brewing, which is one of the company’s many strengths.

The IPA selection comprises of well-known brews such as the flagship “Lefty Loosey” IPA and the fruity and refreshing “Gullah Cream Ale.” In addition, they exhibit their inventiveness with distinct brews like the “Chaos Pilsner,” which is a pilsner with a hoppy flavor and a refreshing finish.

Visitors can enjoy a warm and lively atmosphere in the brewery’s taproom. A cozy outdoor area, lively bar and communal tables are all present in the industrial-style area. You can also observe the expert brewers at work from the bar.

2. Frothy Beard Brewing Company

The combination of craft beer and geek culture at Frothy Beard Brewing Company makes it stand out among the best breweries in Charleston, South Carolina. Frothy Beard is in the West Ashley neighborhood. It is unique and fun, which makes it appealing to both beer lovers and pop culture fans.

The range of beers available from the brewery caters to a diversity of tastes. Frothy Beard has something to satiate your palate, whether you favor hoppy IPAs, robust stouts, tart sours, or experimental brews. The “Andale!” Mexican Lager, “Tides of Galway” Irish Red Ale, and “Zweihander” Doppelbock are significant beers in their inventory.

The taproom at Frothy Beard is an expression of the brewery’s one-of-a-kind character. The brewery often has events like trivia nights, costume parties, and board game get-togethers, which give guests a thrilling and entertaining experience.

3. Charles Towne Fermentory

Since its establishment in 2015, Charles Towne Fermentory, or CTF for short, has had a notable influence on the beer culture in Charleston. CTF, situated in Avondale, has garnered a devoted fan base for its emphasis on hoppy beers and mixed fermentation selections.

The brewery’s team of brewers exhibits their skill and knowledge through their hoppy beers. Charles Towne Fermentory’s taproom has a contemporary, clean style. The room creates a welcoming and laid-back environment with its clean lines, exposed brick walls, and huge windows overlooking the brewing area.

Visitors have the opportunity to speak to the informed staff, learn about how the beer is made, and enjoy their drinks in the modern atmosphere of the brewery. Today Charles Towne Fermentory is ranked among the best Charleston SC breweries.

4. Tradesman Brewing Company

Tradesman Brewing Company is known for making beers that are both classic and new. Founded in 2014, Tradesman Brewing Company is located in the growing Park Circle neighborhood of Charleston and is among the best breweries in Charleston.

This brewery is run by a family, and they are proud to use local foods to make their unique and tasty beers. Tradesman has many different kinds of beer, like ales, lagers, and specialties that have been kept in barrels. The bar at the brewery has a rustic and industrial feel, which makes it a popular place for both locals and tourists.

5. Westbrook Brewing Co

Westbrook Brewing Co has been a staple of the Charleston craft beer scene for over a decade. The brewery is situated in Mount Pleasant and has been operational since 2010.

This business is owned by a family and they are famous for making unique beers by following conventional brewing methods. The White Thai is a popular beer among locals. It is a Belgian-style whit beer that contains lemongrass and ginger, which gives it a unique flavor. The Mexican Cake Imperial Stout is a highly sought-after beer among craft beer enthusiasts, and Westbrook is known for releasing it annually.

The brewery is located in a spacious facility that measures 12,000 square feet. Visitors are welcome to take tours and participate in tastings, which are held on a regular basis. In addition, there are food trucks, music, and special events that visitors can enjoy while they are there.

6. Munkle Brewing Company

Munkle Brewing Company is a brewery located in the Half Mile North neighborhood of the city. The brewery is named after the owner’s uncle who is a big fan of beer. Munkle has a strong commitment to crafting beers that follow the traditional styles of Belgium and Germany.

These styles are often not given enough attention in a market that is flooded with IPAs and stouts. The Gully Washer Wit and Brugge City Brune beers have been highly praised for their ability to stay true to their European roots.

Munkle has a spacious patio area that is designed to provide a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal spot to spend a leisurely afternoon or evening.

Munkle is also a famous beer company in the city and is rated among the best breweries in Charleston.

7. Cooper River Brewing Company

Opened in 2014, it has developed to become a top brewery in Charleston, South Carolina. Cooper River Brewing Company is proud of making ales and lagers in the traditional European way.  Cooper River’s beers are made with traditional ingredients and have clean, balanced flavors that both regular beer drinkers and beer experts will enjoy. Their best beers are the Golden Ale, which is a smooth, well-balanced beer, and the IPA, which has a strong hop flavor without being too much. Cooper River Brewing Company has a nice tasting room and often puts on events with live music and food trucks.

8. Lo-Fi Brewing

Lo-Fi Brewing is also one of the best Charleston SC breweries. It is known for making unique and experimental beers in small amounts. Lo-Fi Brewing is located in the historic Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston. Lo-Fi pushes the limits of standard brewing styles and flavors with a lineup that changes all the time.

Visitors can choose from hazy IPAs, sour beers, barrel-aged stouts, and farmhouse saisons, among other things. The brewery’s bar and outdoor beer garden are laid-back and friendly places to drink their creative beers.

9. Indigo Reef Brewing Company

Indigo Reef Brewing Company, located in the middle of Charleston, commits to creating high-quality brews. It also ranks among the top breweries in Charleston SC. They make their most recognized beer, the Carolina Common, with local products like Carolina Gold Rice, creating a smooth amber lager.

It also cares a lot about the environment and tries to use local products and make as little waste as possible during the production process. They have a friendly taproom where you can try their beers, and they run events like trivia nights and food pairings on a regular basis.

10. Twisted Cypress Brewing

Another brewing company among the best brewing companies in Charleston, South Carolina is the Twisted Cypress Brewing. Twisted Cypress Brewing has carved out a niche for itself in Charleston’s craft beer market by emphasizing sustainability, community involvement, and, of course, quality beer.

From robust IPAs to Belgian-style ales and mild lagers, they specialize in handcrafted beers. Their Charleston Logger, a crisp and mildly spicy lager, has quickly become a local staple.

The brewery has a casual atmosphere with a large taproom and outdoor seating. In addition, they host numerous events, such as trivia nights, live music, and yoga classes.

11. Snafu Brewing Company

Another among the best Charleston’s breweries is Snafu Brewing Company. The Snafu Brewing Company is in North Charleston, and it has a great range of beers that are made by hand and has captured the spirit of the South Carolina’s low country. The brewery is proud of its small-batch, handmade beers, which are made using both traditional and new brewing methods.

The beers at Snafu come in many different kinds, from crisp and refreshing pilsners to hoppy and fragrant IPAs. Their dedication to quality is clear in every sip, as they use carefully chosen ingredients to make beers with a lot of taste and personality.

At Snafu, patrons may enjoy a selection of beers in a casual setting while chatting with the helpful staff and learning about the brewing process.

12. Commonhouse Aleworks

Commonhouse Aleworks is also one of the best breweries in Charleston. Since it opened in 2018 in the North Charleston area of Park Circle, Commonhouse Aleworks has quickly become a favorite among locals. The brewery has a wide range of beers, but most of them are easy to drink and good for a session.

The Park Circle Pale Ale, which is their most popular beer, is a great example of this. It has a good mix of hop bitterness and crisp, clean flavors. The brewery has a cozy taproom and a big beer garden where people can drink their beers and eat food from changing food trucks.

Commonhouse has a strong commitment to the community and puts on events like trivia nights, live music, and charity fundraisers on a daily basis.

13. Holy City Brewing

As one of the best breweries in Charleston, Holy City Brewing has been a part of Charleston’s beer scene since its establishment in 2011. It was named after the city’s nickname, “The Holy City.” This brewery is famous for its creative craft beer and is situated in a large taproom that used to be a warehouse in North Charleston.

Holy City stands out due to its dedication to environmentally friendly practices and active participation in the local community. They use solar energy to power their facility and often hold community events such as beer festivals, yoga sessions, and local markets.

14. Hobcaw Brewing Company

Hobcaw Brewing Company is a new addition to the Charleston craft beer location, established in 2019. This brewery in Mount Peasant has quickly gained popularity for its commitment to quality and variety. They have a variety of beers, including traditional American IPAs and stouts, as well as unique options like fruity sours and aged ales.

The Hobcaw taproom is modern and stylish, with big windows that let you see the brewing equipment and operations. The brewery has a big outdoor beer garden where you can enjoy a pint in the sun of Charleston. Hobcaw often has food trucks and live music, which adds to the lively and community-oriented environment.

15. Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. is in Charleston’s Pacific Box & Crate development and is part of the Edmund’s Oast restaurant. The brewery has a 20-barrel brew house and makes different types of experimental beers, including traditional Belgian ales, sour beers, and hoppy IPAs. Their Peanut Butter and Jelly beer is delicious and captures the essence of the classic sandwich.

“The Bower” taproom is a large and stylish place with large communal tables, a bar serving their fresh beers and guest beers, and a patio. Visitors can order food like charcuterie boards and fancy sandwiches that go well with beer from a menu that changes regularly. The brewery also has educating tours and holds events like beer releases, trivia nights, and pop-up markets on a regular basis.

Edmund’s Oast is a popular beer brewer in the city and is without doubt among the best breweries in Charleston.

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There above are the picks on the best breweries in Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, SC has a great craft beer scene that shows the city’s creativity and dedication to quality. These breweries have great beer and are also great places for people to come together and socialize.

If you like craft beer, the breweries in Charleston are worth visiting whether you’re an expert or just type who wants to enjoy a good pint.

Which of these do you think is your brewery in Charleston SC? Ensure to let us know in the comment session.

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